From Concept To Launch

I’m Jeremy Faucher, a Seattle-based web designer & developer with a passion for usability.

Building strong brands and successful websites.

I’ve been working as a web designer/developer for over 8 years and enjoy collaborating with creative partners to provide a quality product. Check out my portfolio to see companies of all types and sizes that I have helped build strong brands and websites.

As a WordPress developer I have the ability to develop custom themes as well as work with pre-made themes. I am able to develop custom php, js and css features to create a unique user experience.

I have worked with clients to solve complex problems and my ultimate goal is to make websites more successful and easier to manage.

Website Mobility Tool

Quickly test your websites responsiveness.


Wire Frame Builder Tool

A simple to use drag-and-drop wire frame builder.


Image SEO Tool

Check your images for Alt, Title, Files Size and more.


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